The Municipality of Paleros is located in the West of Greece. This area is famous for the rocky coastal area facing the Ionian sea, the wetlands of Voulkaria lake and the salt lake between the municipality and Lefkas

Paleros island

Dive sights

1 - Friday Bay

This sheltered, secluded bay is an ideal site for beginners. The dive begins shallow, then, after a short swim, you will come across a vibrant sponge garden inhabited by a melange of different invertebrates, fish and algae.

2 - Brother Islands

All our instructors love diving this small group of islands. Since the area is a no-fishing zone, the volume of fish-life is spectacular. Swim through dense schooling fish whilst looking for octopus, grouper and even ancient amphorae!

3 - Big Brother

Big Brother Island is another nice training site with shallow entry points and calm water. Following the shoreline round, we will traverse a large ledge covered in crustaceans, star fish, and sea cucumbers.

4 - The Church

So-called due to the presence of an old Greek church in the bay, this site is great for those new to diving who require sheltered and shallow conditions in which to practice their skills.

5 - St. Nicholas

For the diver who has some experience and wants to go a little bit deeper, St. Nicholas Island offers the best wall-diving in the bay. The sheer wall starts at about five meters and drops down to twenty meters, pocketed all along by countless nooks and crannies concealing all sorts of marine life.

6 - The Pinnacle

Invisible from the surface, the pinnacle rises up from the depths of the Ionian and levels off at ten meters down. The sea mount teems with aquatic life, including large shoals of fairy basslets, mullet, and grouper. For the more experienced diver, the Pinnacle is an awesome dive site!

7 - Lefkas Wall

This beautiful wall dive is full of life including massive spiral worms, nudibranchs and many varieties of fish and corals.

8 - Lefkas Cave

This exciting dive site begins with a wall dive to around thirty meters deep where you see a cave before ascending up into a long corridor. You will then come to the entrance of a larger cave at around ten meters deep. Great for the more experienced diver.