Diving Info

Diving Conditions

Dive season

Diving is available throughout the year. From June to September are the warmest months.


Hot and dry summer weather, from July to September, with average temperatures of 27C / 43F


From surface to more than 50 meters / 160feet.


6 meters / 20 feet to more than 50 meters / 160 feet, depending on the area and the time of the year.

Water temperature

from 16 – 23 C / 60 – 74 F depending upon site, sea and island.


Most sites are relatively free of currents.

Skill level

From novice to tec.

Scuba gear

You can take your own equipment. The equipment provided is wetsuits, regulators, buoyancy control devices, fins, weights, mask and diving tank. Furthermore, our colleagues - dive centers, can provide full equipment, only upon special request and extra charge.


Divers usually use 5mm suits during summer and 7mm suits during winter.


In 2005 Greek government decided to abolish the rigid restrictions on scuba diving and since then Recreational scuba diving has been possible almost everywhere in Greece. However, there are still some regulations and restricted areas. It is forbidden to remove or photograph antiquities and all findings have to be reported to the local Archeological Service, Port Authorities or Police. Scuba diving with breathing devices is allowed from sunrise to sunset. All the regulations were established  to protect the  ancient heritage, artifacts and other archeological items.  

Diving emergency

All Divivng Centers – colleagues provide diving insurance from DAN Europe.

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